♥Always use a clean vase for your fresh flowers.

♥In picking a place to display your flowers, keep in mind that they don’t like any heat sources.  Try to avoid placing them near any appliances, TV’s, sunny windows, etc.

♥Petaled Pail flowers are known to have a vase life of more than a week.  Of course, some varieties last longer than others because of their genetics.  Here are a few tips that can help extend vase life for all varieties.

♥Every few days rinse and trim the stems and replace the water in your vase.

♥It also helps to trim the stems, if you’ve had them out of water at all (like in transit or while arranging).

♥All Petaled Pail arrangements have flower food in the water.  If you have some, follow the instructions on the packet before adding more.

♥Remove any leaves from the stems that will be beneath the water line.

♥As they fade and wither, remove the spent flowers and continue to enjoy the blooms that are still vibrant.

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