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“Amy, Everything was perfect! Thank you for all that you did to make our day beautiful and just as I had always dreamed of! ~Claire W.

“Amy, I just wanted to thank you again for the flowers!  They were perfect and everyone loved them! ~Stephanie

“Everything was Perfect! Flower arrangements and bouquets were amazing and exactly what I wanted.” ~ Lori B.

“This bouquet is beautiful! Thank you for designing a bouquet that is exactly like the one I carried with blue bomb orchids at our destination wedding.” ~ Ellen P.

“Your centerpieces are going to make the party!  They are absolutely gorgeous!” ~ Jennifer G.

“Everyone was very complimentary.  The arrangements were lovely and we sent a lot of them home with guests at the end of the evening.” ~ Jennifer W.

“The flowers were exactly what we were hoping for!  We were able to use them for the rehearsal and brunch.  Thank you for helping us out!” ~ Kay K.

“Thank you Amy for these gorgeous flowers.  Exactly what I wanted” and “These flowers make my heart Happy!” and “Gorgeous.  These flowers make me so happy!” ~Sue G.

“Thank you for designing my beautiful bridal bouquet.  It was perfect and exactly what I wanted!” ~ Ramona H.

“Love your beautiful flowers and your designs!  Each one is something new and refreshing.” ~Jeanne C.

“Our wedding flowers were beyond anything I ever imagined.  Thank you Amy, for taking the time to listen to my visions and adding the perfect extra details to our wedding day!” ~ Christine K.

“Everything was absolutely perfect! Everyone loved the flowers.  They were beautiful. Thank you again, So Much!” ~Kim W.

“Amazing! Amy helped us with flowers and greenery for our daughters milk bath and we couldn’t have asked for more!  I showed her a picture of what I had in mind, she ran with it an totally came through. She was also nice enough to hand deliver them to our house!” ~Katy W.

“Amy went above and beyond in taking the time to perfect every detail of my wedding flowers.  She customized designs representing all four seasons and coordinating centerpieces for guest tables.  My bouquet was just as beautiful. I couldn’t be more happy and will recommend here every time.” ~Katja K.

“Your creations were so beautiful and beyond what I imagined!  The arbor was exactly what I wanted. Thank you for everything! I’m so excited to work with you for our next event! ~Patricia E.

“Beautiful!  I’m always so excited to see what you create and it’s always beyond my expectations!” ~Patricia E.

“Petaled Pail flower arrangements are BOMB! Thanks, Amy, your locally grown and chemical free flowers always make me happy! ~Jessica H.

“They were perfect! We had many compliments on all of the centerpieces.” ~Stephanie B.

“You did a wonderful job with the flowers for the event!  The gardeners loved them. ~Denise S.

“Everything was BEAUTIFUL!!! The bride LOVED her flowers!!! The “Perfect Day tea was truly perfect and the shower guests loved it!!! Thank you so much! ~ Molly F.

“Thank you to Petaled Pail for providing all of the Big & Beautiful centerpieces for the Burgers and Brews event and for all of their support of the Goshen Market and its foundation!” ~Jessica D.

“Thanks so much for everything!  The flowers were wonderful! The day was so busy, I didn’t realize just how beautiful they were, until seeing them in our wedding photos!  They were perfect! ~Allie S.

“Thanks Amy, for creating time for us and coming in last minute to save the day with your beautiful flowers!” Everything was beautiful! ~Stephanie J.

“Bouquets and bouts were exactly what we discussed and beyond my expectations.  Amy does beautiful work and every detail matters to her! ~Shelley C.

“Amy, Your flowers always bring me such joy and I love seeing you and your family every weekend at the market!  Mike and I are very blessed to have met you all and can’t thank you enough for making our wedding day so perfect! ~ Amelia R.

“Words cannot express how much I love my wedding flowers! I had no idea that we were going to have flowers decorating the church.  I walked in and immediately started balling because they were so beautiful. Thank you so much Amy and thank Harley too for making my wedding the most beautiful ceremony.  The entire room was full of romance! Having your flowers at our reception made the whole venue 10x more glamorous and beautiful as well! I also cannot believe you and Harley put together the glass welcome sign for me with our hashtag.  Everyone kept telling me how beautiful it was ! Thank you thank you thank you!!!!! Everything was perfect!! (Smiley face emoji, hearts in eyes emoji, red heart emoji, red rose emoji). ~Amelia R.

“Everyone was telling me how beautiful the flowers were at the rehearsal dinner, church and reception! Thank you so much for adding the perfect welcoming to our wedding with the sign. ~Amelia R.

“Amy, The flowers were fantastic! Everyone loved them!! We are going to take them to the reception venue for extra decoration. They are so beautiful!” ~Holly R.

“The centerpieces for the Biggs ~ Romann rehearsal dinner were beautiful.  Everyone was talking about how much they loved them and the hashtag!” #ringaroundtheromann. ~Kim G., 222 Artisan’s Bakery

“Oh my goodness!  The contemporary themed centerpieces that Amy made for my daughters baby shower were perfect!  They matched our color scheme for a baby boy perfectly and were exactly what we had described to her that we had in mind.  Thank you, Amy, for paying meticulous attention to our vision and designing exactly what we described to you.” ~Penny R.

“Amy, Thank you so much for all of your hard work, time and effort that was put in to our wedding day!  Your personality, talent and love for what you do made planning our floral arrangements simple and fun..  The end result was better than I ever could have imagined. The centerpieces were breathtaking and our bouquets were so beautiful!  It was obvious that you put your heart in to planning and putting these together. We want you to know that we truly appreciate it! Our guest kept telling us how beautiful all of the flowers were and we have you to thank!  Thanks so much!” ~Patti K.

“The arrangements and garland for the rehearsal dinner were exactly what we had in mind.  Thank you!” ~Gina K

“Homecoming corsages from Petaled Pail for both of my girls were beautiful and designed perfectly to coordinate with their colors and style.  Thank you Amy for your attention to the details!” ~Charmaine R.

“Absolutely Perfect!  Your littles were the perfect touch for my parent’s anniversary party!  Everybody adored them! Thank you!” ~Tamara S.

“The arrangement was great!  My mom loved the birthday bouquet, thank you!” ~Andrew L.

“Thank you so much for EVERYTHING, Amy!  My wedding day was the best and I am so grateful for all of the people who helped make it happen.  That definitely include you! Your flowers and designs were the perfect addition to our outdoor wedding!  From placing the locket on my bouquet to the personalized seed packets for our guests, your details made our wedding such a personal occasion.” ~Crystal S.

“The arrangements for the baby shower were great!  We had a lot of complements on them and everyone loved the Petaled Pail “littles” they received as gifts.  Thank you, Amy!” ~Annie N.

“Homecoming Corsage was a hit! Thanks so much!” ~Beth U.

“Thank you Amy!  Everything was exactly as I imagined it would be and like we had discussed over the past year.  My bouquet was so beautiful and elegant and the bridesmaids bouquets, boutonnieres and centerpieces were all just amazing!  It was the perfect day!” ~Allyson V