Petaled Pail is a sustainably managed flower farm and floral design studio just outside STL that uses our own locally grown flowers, cut at the peak of their freshness.  Each design highlights the beauty of the current season.


Do you only use flowers that are grown locally?

We strive to always use 100% Petaled Pail local grown flowers.  However, under certain circumstances, we do have to use flowers that are not our own.  In this situation, we always, always purchase responsibly and locally grown flowers from other growers within the United States.  

Locally grown wedding flowers?  What’s the big deal?

During the peak growing season (March-November) nearly everything comes from our farm.  If you want something like garden roses or giant hydrangeas, let me know.  We can get them the same as any other florist.  As we head in to and out of winter, I will source from other American growers, only as needed. 

What does a typical flower budget look like?

Typically, 10-15% of a wedding budget is allocated to flowers and floral design.  Below, is average pricing for common wedding designs.  Pricing can be adjusted higher or lower by consideration of variety, size, complexity, and installation required, especially with bouquets, centerpieces and altar pieces and other installations. 

Bridal bouquet $100+

Bridesmaids $75+

Boutonnieres $15+

Wristlet or Pin-On Corsages $25+

Floral Crowns $50+

Half Crowns or Floral Clips $25+

Flower Girl (baskets of petals, small bouquet, pomanders) $35+


Low Compote Style $50+

Bud Vases & Julep Cups (simple, airy designs) $15+

Tall (above eye-level) Designs $75

Greenery Garlands $15+ (per foot)

Greenery Garlands w/floral $20+ (per foot)

Large arrangements $75+

Altar Arrangements $100+

Aisle (each) $15+

Wreaths (for hanging or table placement) $40+

Rental $50+

Delivery $150-400

Clean up $250+

Events on Sundays and holidays will be subject to an additional service charge.

When will I know what flowers you are using?

We will discuss what will likely be available throughout the year and more specifically for the date that you’ve chosen.  But, I am left to the whims of Mother Nature, which means so are you.  My natural and just-picked style can be attributed to the fact that I do not dictate what will be in your bouquet until I dig in to what is ready to be cut the week of your wedding.  I will design something beautiful and unique for you and not be boxed in by a specific and predetermined flower list.  That being said, if dahlias are your favorite, I will get you dahlias.  Or, any other variety that you request upon consultation.  Also, if some blooms are looking less than perfect, I would prefer not to use them and substitute a flower with a similar color or shape.  Color pallet is always a design priority over floral variety, unless we have otherwise discussed your requests to use (or to avoid using) any particular flower variety. 

How does this whole thing work?  What should I bring to a consultation?

When we meet, you should have your date and venue taken care of already.  You will tell me what you need and your ideas on color and style.  I have a questionnaire and checklist to help guide you through this.   If you have specific ideas, bring along some examples (or email them to me ahead of time): color swatches, photos on your phone, a Pinterest link, a picture of your dress or bridesmaid dresses.  To book the day, I require a deposit with the remaining balance due two weeks before the big day.

Is it okay to make changes to my order?

Totally okay.  Everyone makes some changes.  Small changes like adding a couple of corsages or even slight color modifications can all wait until about 3-4 weeks before the wedding.  We will meet again to firm up the plan, revisit colors and finalize quantities on everything.  Let me know about big changes as soon as you can.  Changes like, ” I was planning to do all of the centerpieces myself, but I changed my mind.  Now I want you to do them and also deliver them… and while you’re there will you set up the escort cards?” Sure, we can do all of that stuff, but if you wait until four weeks before the wedding to ask, we might already be booked for another event.

Do you have vases available to rent out so we don’t have to buy them?

Absolutely!  You are probably never going to need 30 vases again.  I have so many cute things that you can use to really make the look your own.  Vases, urns, vintage bottles and jars.  Boxes we made from my neighbors old barn.  Table numbers, candles, lanterns, moss, sticks and wood stumps, stands and arbors.  The list goes on.  See the “Rentals” list on our website for an updated list.

Who  wears corsages (or boutonnieres)?

The choice is entirely yours. You could ask some people who might be receiving one, how they feel about it.  A lot of times, moms don’t really care and most of the time, the guys don’t either.  I have done weddings with none, some where only the groom gets one, some where the moms and groom get them, some where just the groom and groomsmen get them and some where the groom, groomsmen, parents, godparents, grandparents, ushers, readers, step-parents, musicians, and ring bearer all get one.  There is a lot of wiggle room in this area.

You can always contact us with any questions you may still have.  We look forward to working with you to make your special day magical.

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